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We pay royalties to our members when their work is performed, broadcast, streamed, downloaded, reproduced, played in public or used in film and TV. We support them by influencing policy, supporting and hosting awards and events, and investing in new technology to ensure we’re fit for the digital music age.
Established in 1934, PPL exists to ensure that those who invest their time, talent and money to make recorded music are fairly paid for their work.
Kingz N Queenz is a unique brand that specialises in fashion and fragrances. We understand that there is nothing more glorious than wearing a crown and representing your self as a King or Queen, and that is why we aim to make every one of our products unique, making sure that you stand out from the rest.
Mais Kizomba is a global internet leader in discovering new talent and is world renounce for big hits and the latest releases on the largest kizomba, zouk and semba channel.

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